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There’s nothing like a prairie summer – the blue sky is enormous here, and everyone walks around with a smile on their face when the sun is shining! Visit Edmonton this July to put a smile on your face too!


Close your eyes, and picture a street performer. What do you see? A guy with a guitar and a guitar case on the ground accepting change?

What about acrobats? What about jugglers? What about full New Orleans jazz bands marching up and down the street?

What about magicians? What about jugglers? What about the most incredible singer you’ve ever heard?

What about clowns? What about mimes? What about slam poets that can make you laugh and cry, sometimes in the course of one single sentence?

That’s what you should see when you imagine the Edmonton Street Performers festival because that’s the kind of performance that is drawn to our city from July 5 to 14! It’s an extravaganza of arts and entertainment in the open air! Don’t miss out!


Go on. Try to pretend you don’t know nearly all the lyrics to “Barbie Girl.”

One of the premier dance acts of the late 90s, Aqua made bubblegum confectionary that was fun as all get out. Their platinum-selling album Aquarium was a worldwide phenomenon, climbing high on hits like “Barbie Girl,” “Dr. Jones” and “My Oh My.” They were silly, they were fun, they were mind-bogglingly catchy – and on Sunday, July 28 you can catch them at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Buy some tickets and relive the 90s!

Another thing that will put a smile on your face is booking a room at the Days Inn Edmonton South. We offer incredible luxury at a great price, and the complimentary breakfast at the Daybreak Café is a great way to start your day!