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Ice Castles is a must see experience! Originating from Utah, this unique art form is vastly unrecognized and underrated. The magical kingdom is created using only ice and snow, dubbing it a true winter wonderland. Light fixtures brighten up the display, so you can see every detail of hard work that is put forth. The scenery of Ice Castles makes for a perfect place to capture memories. In fact, many popular YouTube videos have featured these modern day castles, including in the works of The Piano Guys, Lexi Walker, Alex Boye, and Lindsey Sterling.

What are Ice Castles?

Each Ice Castle measures little over an acre of pure ice; weighing roughly 25,000,000 pounds. The hard work of the Ice Castles team is evident in not only their artwork, but upkeep as well. In order to maintain its structure, crew members must make up to 10,000 icicles per day and place them throughout each castle for water to form and freeze on. Don’t worry about these bad boys falling apart on you, each wall is 10 feet thick of ice and strong enough to hold up a building!  

Tips To Get The Most Of Your Experience!

As you may of guessed, ice can get pretty cold! Which is why the team at Ice Castles strongly suggests you wear warm clothes and winter boots. Although this is an event open to all ages, due to the ice it is also suggested you leave your stroller at home. Make the smart choice to purchase your tickets online, so you can save on general and child admission prices. And most importantly, don’t forget your camera!
Ice Castles is hosted at Hawrelak Park which is a quick 15 minute drive from us at Days Inn Edmonton South. We pride ourselves in adding a combination of comfort and affordability to your travelling experience. Book with us today in one of our many luxury suites to choose from!